Is college the right time to start a business?

Starting a company isn’t a piece of cake. Amidst your records, internals, externals, mid-terms, semesters, etc. commencing a company will not at all be your idea. But should it be so? Or is college the best time for such a thing?

If you consider yourself naïve and inexperienced, just remember that social media which is ruling the world is a compilation of student companies. So if you are crazy enough to change the world then don’t let anybody convince that it is a bad idea.

Let me prove the case in point in not less than the below words.

Community and network: college or university gives us communal essence. Students are simply happy to know if their folks achieved great. And that’s it. This is probably the best promotion technique that was ever founded. They tell everyone, the network will reach their family, friends, acquaintances, etc.. This network may not compete with the WWW but would make your part work. 

The first possible market for any new company is through social media. And do you know that students are the highest users of social media?

Enhances your skills: Everybody knows this very well, practice makes a man perfect. So your dream project will make you stronger. It gives you your own platform to learn, create, and grow.

Builds confidence: Self-doubt and underestimating are possible fears during college times. Starting a company or a start-up at this point will build your confidence. 

“You already have your skills enhancing, then what are you afraid of?”

Free guidance: College is a place where you are surrounded by experts. Make use of the guidance you get from your professors. Once you step out you must have to spend thousands to get advice.

Is it okay to fail? Yeah if you fail the same network that helped in promoting your company will bully you. You don’t have to consider those words. You have at least come so far and failed but the crowd is still at the same place. So it is okay to fail. Indeed if you know the advantages of your failure I may probably win my point.

The two trump cards of failure:

No more a fresher:  College is the time when you are considered a fresher. You know the market demand, recruiters need experience, and experience doesn’t come unless you get a job. So this puts an end to paradoxical questions. Thus, your company or startup that was started during college supposed to not work, you will end up having a hand full experience.

Fall on the safest lap: College is the time when your father earns and your mother cooks. So, if nothing works, don’t have to hesitate to fall on your parents’ lap. 

“Don’t you think it is better to be helpless at the age of 20 than at 30?”

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